For parents, choosing a primary school can be somewhat mystifying and challenging. Which one of several excellent schools should they choose for their child? Having worked at this school for over twenty four years I can honestly tell you that your children will get an excellent education at our school. So why do we recommend our school to you? What makes us different?

At Paragon Public School, we believe that every student has the opportunity to succeed. As a school it’s our purpose to ensure we have an environment where teachers can teach so that students can learn. We aim to nurture amazing young people who achieve their holistic and academic potential. All our year groups enjoy a curriculum of stimulating, exciting and challenging learning experiences carefully differentiated to meet the needs of all our students. We highly value all areas of learning and our curriculum reflects this. During this period they go through a vast transformation relating to emotional attachment, physical growth and social well-being. The immense source of energy and curiosity that children possess at this stage, need to be channelized and handled aptly in a positive manner. The progressive and well-balanced pedagogy, maintained by the dedicated mentors of Paragon, help children to identify, realize and apply their innate abilities in the daily learning and co-curricular activities. We encourage ‘higher order thinking and performance’ in all domains of development and take care of all minute details to monitor the progress of children. Our students are supported in reaching their highest level of personal achievement through good learning habits, self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility.

From simple presentations to complex critical thinking; Paragon uses all possible resources to engage and train children to become confident and self reliant. The department hierarchy develops smooth mechanisms, provides proper guidance, facilitates with plans and oversees implementations and evaluations. 

Children here are made conscious of their duties and general responsibilities through norms concerning classroom decorum, behavioral etiquette, and maintenance of possessions and respecting everyone. This also helps to gradually infuse values like fellow feeling, ethics, feeling of ownership and compassion in the young minds of the children. We groom your wards to become sensitive individuals who would make valuable and positive contribution to the development of the nation. Discipline, appearance and language policy together work as one unit, that plays a pivot role throughout the year, for all activities to move smoothly and efficiently. 

In our school, Honesty, Loyalty and Discipline means that everything we say and everything we do are true reflections of what we value and what is important to us. When we act with integrity we are sincere and true to ourselves. People trust and respect us, our relationships are solid and our students feel positively about themselves. Paragon nurtures a vision and all members of staff work tirelessly to shoulder the responsibilities in realizing the vision.

So, in a nutshell, what is particularly significant about Paragon Public School? We are special simply because we are a very happy, fun-filled and exciting school, a wonderful place to learn and work. We are part of a friendly community who work in partnership together to give our children the very best well-rounded education: truly outstanding, truly excellent!  We understand your expectations and highly respect your decision. Your satisfaction will be our priority, as always.

Finally, we feel extremely privileged to be associated with you as you do. 

Welcome aboard!


    Paragon Public School - Vision

    We aim to provide a congenial learning environment by focusing on developing the emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual potential of every child, who will contribute in the development of the nation, in future.

    We at paragon make an effort to impact education through different innovative methods combined with modern techniques and expertise.



    Paragon Public School Mission

    Our aim is to prepare dynamic, responsible and caring citizens who can face the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional as well as moral values.

    We intend to be a center of learning and excellence, in accordance with the culture, customs and rich heritage of Nepal.



"The motto of Paragon Public School is 'Honesty and Loyalty'. Children here, learn the values of life and to implement those values in different situations. Our children are encouraged to explore, reach out and seek answers for themselves. We at Paragon Public School make an effort to impart education through different innovative methods combined with modern techniques and expertise."






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